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  • Image of Choose Yourself Tee
  • Image of Choose Yourself Tee
  • Image of Choose Yourself Tee
  • Image of Choose Yourself Tee

In a variety of 4 Colors. Worldwide shipping. CHOOSE YOURSELF.

no matter who you are.

no matter what you do.

no matter who your audience is.

30% will love it

30% will hate it

and 30% won't care

stick with the people who love you

and don't spend a single second on the rest

life will be better that way

when you get in the mud with a pig

you get dirty and the pig gets happy

forget purpose. its ok to be happy without one.

the quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives.

luck is created by the prepared.

i have lots of ideas, how do i pick the right one?

execute on as many possible. the right one will pick you.

diversification is everything.

we get past this by having lots of that.

we're taught at an early age, that we're not good enough.

that someone else has to choose us.

in order for us to be what?

blessed? rich? certified? legitimized? educated? partnership material?

remember this phrase.

"get paid, get laid, lose weight"

cos those are the 3 things people will pay for.

one candle can light a thousand other candles

& still remain lit itself.

Be that candle.

Only worry about your own happiness.

that doesn't have to be limited by anyone else's stupidity

unless you allow it to be.

if something's not a hell yeah, then its no.

if you can't walk away from a negotiation.

then you're not negotiating.

you're just working out the terms of your slavery.

study the history of the form you want to master.

out of silence comes the greatest creativity.

not when we are rushing and panicking.

ultimately mastery is about connecting the dots of many fields.

if you don't choose yourself, someone else will.